Thinking Too Loud

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EP - Thinking Too Loud

Gina Assunta is a heartfelt songwriter, producer, singer, and creative who elegantly explores the themes of love and loss. Diving into power dynamics and exploring what it means to be loved, Assunta’s EP - ‘Thinking Too Loud’ is exactly what the title implies. She wears her heart on her sleeve and projects passion with a soothing but powerful voice. 

Assunta’s creative process begins in her home studio, then with sound engineer Roberto Viglione who records, mixes, and masters her tracks. He also produced tracks “Letting You Go” and “Dive In”.

The first single off the EP - Be Good is an intimate tale of a relationship gone wrong. “Half Of Me”, the third track on the EP, is an ambient story of how a lover is taking over her identity. 

Thinking Too Loud - Out Now


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